Doctor Zymes Eliminator 1 Gallon

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Eliminator Is an OMRI listed, revolutionary green solution that kills and eliminates molds, mildews and soft-bodied insects on your indoor and outdoor gardens.  The active ingredient, citric acid, is derived from a fermentation process and is combined with other biologically stimulating ingredients to for a highly effective insecticide and fungicide.  Use it as a preventative to ensure that pests, molds and mildews do not take over your garden..  No harmful residues, non-toxic and biodegradable.  Safe for use around children and pets.  Made from food-grade ingredients.  Non- GMO. Bacteria free.  No oils:  won't clog the stomata  Can be used up to and on the day of harvest.

Active Ingredients: Citric Acid .05% 
Inert Ingredients: Yeast 9.42%, Potassium Sorbate .03%, Purified Water 90.5%