Bio Harmonic Tonic 250 ML

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Bio Harmonic Tonic is a different type of microbial product from start to finish.  While most microbial products are born in a laboratory and parented by people in lab coats, our Tonic is born in nature with a wilder and more diverse beginning. Originating with exclusively lactating bovine manure as source material, a natural fermentation and enzymatic process follows with special inoculates used along the way. This creates a lively environment of 100’s of living Microbes that settle into a stable consortium over time. (Human Microbiome research is now showing the greatest benefit is coming not from the highest concentration of individual microbes, but from the greatest diversity). Our special botanical blend is introduced and finally finished with the Harmonic imprint of Gemstone Elixir. This is about an 8 -12 month process. Our product is a dynamic product of many living micro organisms. Per regulatory labeling statues, we list and guarantee 5 on the label.