PaleoBloom 1 Gallon

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Min. total: 4

0.3-4-4 NPK Flowering formula with a sustained release of nutrients, which increase in availability in response to increased growth rate.

Derived From: Soft Rock Phosphate, Langbeinite, Potassium sulfate, Iron II Citrate, and Manganese Sulfate. 

    • PaleoBloom uses a unique base that contains P/K, Ca/Mg, optimal micronutrients, trace elements and silica — the boost your plants need during heavy flowering.

    • Improve crop quality by feeding your crop’s secondary characteristics. Expect more fragrant oils and terpenes.

    • Blow your production record through the roof. Our product is heavy and dense, and so will yours!

  • Sustained bio-availability through our formula, colloids will wrap around soil particles and release as soil bacteria dictate.